Recomendations Please

Hi all, my system consists of a belles hot rod 150a, a audio researcyh LS7 with NOS bugle boy tubes, vandersteen 2CE SIG II, audioquest type 8 cable (biwire). I love the sound its airy has a great sound stage but just wondering how i could get a bit more bass into the system without changing the preamp since I just got it. any suggestions??
Vandersteen speakers have a rep as being "built form the bottom up" so lack of bass is usually not an issue. That said I remember when I owned a pair of 1C's there were extensive placement instructions. So I would recommend looking at their placement recommendations and then try moving things around to see how much of an issue you have with placement.
I agree the Vandy 2CEs sounded really bassy to me almost to the point of being imbalanced. If you want punchier bass then you need a different set up where you can blow high SPLs and not get distortion or sound effect bass. Bigger speakers might be the right ticket. Another thought would be to go with a SS preamp they often deliver bass better IMHO and I am an all tube guy except my phono stage which just so happens to deliver beautiful bass.
why would you want what's not on the source? high fidelity means true to the original.
Interesting suggestion from all. I never thought my 2ce were really bassy. I always thought they gave accurate response for whatever music that I played. I think when I have more space i will add a vandy sub. THanks for all the suggestions. Perhaps more power from the amp since I am only at 125 watts per channel. a belles 350a might do it. . but in the meantime I am working on getting a USB dac. . thinking the upcoming rega that is coming out in october.
I would think moving the speakers even slightly may increase the bass response. The 2CE is not really what I would call "bass shy" and I doubt the Belles 350 would make a huge difference. I have heard the 2 series Vandy's with 30w tube amps supply all the bass you would need for most music with exception of full orchestra