Recommend Power Cord for Bryston Amp

Any particular power cords that work well with Bryston amps?? Thanks.
Hello, My name is jwilliams, I am a member of this site. I have a pair of 7B's, I also custom build Power Cords, I made a set (1 for each) two foot long I have used for well over a year. They sound great!! It is a #10 AWG, The amp gets all the power it needs, will not pop again for this reason. I have sold many of these power cords on this site in the past two years, will not rip your wallet out of your pocket like other cords will, If you do not LOVE these cords will buy back. You can go to my profile and see I am a trustworthy person. Send me an email and we can talk about it if you like, or not. Just make sure the size of wiring on the cord you are buying is large enough to feed these power hungry amps!!!
I have a Bryston 4B-ST amp, and think the supplied power cord works fine. I actually contacted Bryston to see if they had any recommendations, and they said that their power cord was "spec'd" to meet the needs of their amps, so in their opinion there was no real need to replace the cord UNLESS you were having a specific problem (bad power from your utility; lots of RF in the environment; etc.) The question I'd ask before spending a bunch of money on a new power cord is what are trying to correct/improve? I'd be more inclined to spend money on a decent power conditioner, such as Monster Power's HTS2000.
Hi Miked, sounds like Jwilliams deal is one to check out. Hi Sdcampbell, what are you trying to correct or improve when you buy a certain IC or speaker cable?