Recommendation for an audiophile speaker cord that is not "bright"?

A friend has loaned me the Nordost Valhalla I and II as well as Nordost Frey 2 cables. They are wonderful speaker cables but do emphasize the "brightness" of my system including my Wilson audio Sahsa 2 speakers.

Any suggestions? Would used Transparent cables provide a richer bottom end? What about Audience Reference?

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. - Thank you - Gerry

ruraltraumasurgeon OP14 posts
12-22-2019 3:24pm
Quite an interesting discussion. A few things on my end:

1. My current speaker cables are labeled "Transparent high performance 10-2 10 AWG (upgradeable)."

You will not believe this until you hear it, but even if those cables are a quite heavy gauge they are still unable to let the amp breath freely. Several thin conductors will perform like thin conductors even if they represent a low R. 
**Unlike the other participants here I`m speaking out of years of experience and not what I "think" or feel.
This simple speakercable-trick is the biggest uppgrade anyone can do to a good system, even if solid core pc`s represent a gamechanger too.

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12-22-2019 9:24am
So pretty much you are ignoring that voice coil resistance and impedance is part of the circuit ....right, gotcha. So basically that 7awg number is made up.

Think again. The voicecoil is not a part of any circuit, it is the powerconsumer at the end of the circuit. 

So pretty much you are "arguing" from a point of complete ignorance w.r.t. electronic circuits. Got it. Carry on.