Recommendation on power amp

I would like recommendations for a power amp for my system which comprises of 
theta digital gen viii series 3 preamp/dac, ayre cx-5xe mp CD player, LUMIN mini u1 streamer, kef blade 2 with a pair of jl audio f113v2 connected with a jl audio cr-1 active crossover, kimber cables , rega rp8 turntable , parasound jc-3 phono stage.
currently using a pair of parasound jc-1 . Thinking of ayre mx-r twenty . Would like recommendations on compatibility of the ayre with the above system .
thanks everyone in advance .


"Does Jim Smith not recommend products that he uses to tune systems?"

Probably. He just doesn't use Audiogon as his personal advertising and shilling site. Like you do. He is far to classy, knowledgeable and ethical to attempt such egregious shenanigans.

Got my Krell 375's 2 months ago.
They are the best Krell's yet.

I liked my FPB 250Mc years ago, but the XD's are spectacular !!!
@ajpk1971 . That sounds good . What speakers have you paired them with .
i am very happy with my ayre mxr/twenty . I did upgrade my streamer to the lumin u1.