Recommendations for fast sounding cables

I've recently acquired a SEP amp based on kt88's and while it presents well in many ways it lacks the speed of my push-pull and ss amps which is typical.  Thus I'm looking for some nice and well rounded sounding speaker cables (non-biwire) and interconnects (single-ended) that excel in speed, tempo, PRAT, whatever you wanna call it to try to get some of the head nodding and toe-tapping back.  Transparency, detail, open soundstage are basic requisites as well.  I would also consider maybe changing out my psu umbilical cord, usb, and digital coax.  I understand that this will likely involve some or all silver in the makeup of the cables, and while I like a lit-up sound- an overly bright anything will usually get quickly replaced.  The budget is not high at $100-$300 new or used but may make considerations for something exceptional that fits the bill. I've gathered that some of the following may work- please feel free to comment on those as well, but I would also like to get some more suggestions.  Thanks!

Mapleshade Double Helix
DH Labs Silver Sonic T-14
Signal Cable Silver Resolution
I made a pair of new power mono blocks. That included hardwired speaker cables into the amps. 
(So I can't guarantee if the sound is because of the speaker wire or the new amplifiers.)

But immediately when I connected them I noticed that they were much "faster" then the old stuff.

The thing why I think it may be the speaker cables and why I don't know. Is that it were the first time I used silver. And I can't swap between different cables..

I built speaker cables with solid singel fine silver dead soft conductor. Withe cotton sleeve and a wowed shield and a copper foil shield. Around each conductor like chords top of the line speaker cable. 

The thing is that it is so easy to get used to it :)
I'm in the - get another SS amp crowd.  Good luck with getting the magic you're looking for.  This is part of the fun/frustration of this ridiculous hobby.  :)
I vote for Transparent Audio Reference Gen 5 interconnect and speaker cables.
I found Reference Gen 5 to deliver exceptional smoothness, tight articulated base, air and spaciousness with remarkable stage illusion. Reference level Gen 5 is the most musical cables I have ever experienced. 
Teo Audio Game Changer ICs have a money-back guarantee so you have nothing to lose (except postage).