Record collecting versus hoarding

At what point does "collecting" records become hoarding? Unless you are in the business of selling records either primarily or even secondarily, why do so many people here talk about having 2,3,4,6,10,000 records and CDs? It's not stamps or coins.

Let's say you listen to records 15 hours a week (a good estimate for me) that equates to about 750 hours a year or 1000 records a year. I like to listen to mine at least once every three months - I have 300 records and change. In the rare instance when I replace one for a better sounding one (I've done it maybe 4-5 times), I immediately sell the old one - with only one exception. The Sgt Pepper UHQR. I already had it on the Beatles Collection and do occasionally listen to it when I want a treat. It does sound better than the regular Mofi one, which sounds great to me.

Why would you have multiple copies of the same record and not just listen to the best sounding one and sell the rest?

Why would you want records you listen to less than once a year?

Maybe some people listen a lot more than me (and replace cartridges/styli pretty ofter or have a bunch of them)?

The reason I bring this up is because Acoustic Sounds is releasing Steely Dan's studio albums from the 1970s on their UHQR brand (not sure how they now own the name and not Mofi, but that is not the point), I am a huge fan and will be getting a few of these overpriced (IMHO) records, which will replace a few of my non-audiophile (except the Aja Mofi) records. I plan to sell the Aja Mofi immediately after getting the UHQR, which I am sure will sound much better. That is worth a few bucks, but the others I sell should be worth $10-15 in trade at a record store.

Anyone with records they play less than once a year or keep multiple pressings of a single album, please let me know your rationale.

Are you a hoarder? Too lazy to get rid of them? Like the way they decorate your room?


Not me but my Dad, he has over 2500 records at least, last count was 1800 in the late 80’s most bought at garage sales and what not. He currently has no sound system with a turn table set up but still buys vinyl. But the worst part is he has had his “collection” in storage for the last 20 years. By my calculations that is $100/ month for 240 months comes $24000, with zero enjoyment. I just moved his entire collection cross country and was told one day it will all be mine. Great I get to move it, sort it and sell it. Don’t get me wrong I know there is gold in them there hills but the juice ain’t worth the squeeze. 
long story short keep your collection in check or it will end up owning you. Hoarding vs collecting is a razors edge. 

It is a Human Condition to be interested, it is Human Condition with Dysfunction to become Obsessional.

Be thankful when the Obsessional is limited to collecting way too many CD's / LP's that can be used, there are many worse Obsessional Scenarios for individuals to become controlled by. 

I don't know if Streaming Catalogues will fit into this, as the collecting of the antiquated mediums, where there is an intent to acquire endless tangible material is already assembled for an individual, when they adopt the latest intangible medium for their music collection and listening needs.    

It’s not about having to listen to every record, it’s about having a source of reference and being able to access something as the mood takes or to share with friends- I have about 1000 lps (mostly from auction sales and stuff from family and bought new in earlier times) and between 600- 1000 CDs all bought by me new but have definitlely reached saturation point

Also have over 60 pushbikes which are all loved and ridden (mostly bought for pennies from the auction and renovated) but again am going to find good homes for half of them over the coming years

My dad was a stamp collector as it was like a history/ geography lesson then bought more expensive ones as an investment- I sold his collection with a specialist auction and got £10,000 which was a massive help with building repairs.

Some collectors end up becoming dealers, also I remember the enjoyment of visiting Mole Jazz, Ray's, Honest Jon's etc in search of specific titles but now it's all (mostly) just there if you want it streamed or e-bay etc 

My rational is, even if I don't listen to an album but once every couple of years, I have it when I get the itch. As for multiple copies, I listen to the best of the bunch and gift the other if someone bonds with a piece of music I've turned them on to. 

Within my circle of friends it is evenly split between the hoarders/collectors and the audiophiles. The one thing the collectors have in common is that they own a lo - fi or less audio source (in one case only a boombox), while the audiophiles tend to have a reasonable sized music collection. Not surprisingly, the higher up the food chain (or budget) of the audiophile's system, the smaller the music collection gets.

I guess it's all about what your individual priorities are. To each their own.