Records not stored vertically for decades

I’m looking to eventually get my vinyl rig back up n running and went to get my albums and found they’ve been lying flat probably for decades in two stacks of about 75 albums in each stack.  Any chance they’re still in good shape, or what damage may have been done versus being stored vertically?  They’ve been in a dry, temperature-controlled basement the whole time.  No way to play them right now so just hoping they might still be ok.  Thanks for thoughts.


I stored my records vertically for two decades, and I think that the only issue was some of the cover art was faded. Personally, I would be a little bit more concerned about heat and humidity than vertical versus horizontal but what do I know?

A quality analog rig is a very expensive proposition and I would think about it carefully before going down that road.

Ok. I was mainly concerned the pressure from the weight would affect the grooves and the sound but not sounding like that’s much of a problem. 

I’m rather disappointed with these responses. There is simply no reason to reply in such a snarky and downright mean manner. You are not being glib or witty. You’re only demonstrating your lack of civility and proper upbringing. 

I shall skip my traditional friendly signoff. 

But Raul’s pint is valid, especially since we are not sure we have the full story(conditions of storage being the most important). Why not play a few LPs from the bottom of the stack and a few off the top.? Then let us know your results.

@Soix - The records may be noisier and or skippy because the lower ones will have quite a bit of pressure on them so any surface contaminants are going to be well pressed into the grooves.

If 150 records is the totality of your collection, I would also carefully consider the opportunity cost of investing in a vinyl playback system versus what else you could do with your system.