Ref 110 using both 4 and 8 ohm taps?

I am using my Ref 110 with new B&W 805D's and read in a Ref 110 review that you can use the 8 ohm tap for the highs and the 4 ohm tap for the lows as my speakers are biwired. Anyone ever tried this? This may sound like a stupid question, but I always assumed you cannot use both taps at once.
This won't damage or confuse the amp in some way?
My 805D's have a nominal 8 ohm rating and an impedance drop to 4.7 ohms in the bass region around 200 htz, so thought it may make sense and give the amp a tigter grip on the bass region. I won't pretend to have a strong knowledge in this area, so if anyone has any input or first hand knowledge, it would be very appreciated.
DO NOT do this! There are some threads already on this that describe the problem better, but it is very hard on the transformer and will make the amp both unstable and cut down its power rating. No good can come from it. Nice amp by the way!
Thank you sir! I'm Very glad I asked before I gave it a try.
I am so very pleased with the ARC Ref 110. It is exactly the sound I was hoping for and so far it doesn't feel like my ARC LS17 is holding it back either, though I know it can be bettered with a Ref 3 or a new LS27. I am anxious to see what the post break in period brings...