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Thoughts on the Veenas or Grand Veenas running a solid state amp? The buzz online is that they are "designed for tubes." Good or bad experiences running them on decent 100-150 watt amplification?
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I like that First Recommendation. Seems like 25-30 Class A watts will drive the Veenas beautifully. Now if you are like me, you will prefer tubes, but tubes do need amps that are suited to tubes for optimal performance, which the Veenas are (like Merlins and Verity)- so why not go tubes? If you can find a used First Watt Aleph J, I bet that would also be superb match with the Veenas. You don't need a lot of power, but really "good" class a SS watts.
I have a very good integrated amp that has a tubed pre-amp section and a SS amp function. Per the specs., it puts out about 120 or so watts into 8 ohms. I'm not planning on upgrading the amp., but before I pull the trigger on the Grand Veenas, I want to make sure.
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If you want a good integrated for those speakers, I would look at a Jadis DA30, for less, the Master Sound DueTrente. That being said, if you could afford the Pass XA30.5 integrated, that might a very good match if you insist on SS -- what is your budget?