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Thoughts on the Veenas or Grand Veenas running a solid state amp? The buzz online is that they are "designed for tubes." Good or bad experiences running them on decent 100-150 watt amplification?
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If you want a good integrated for those speakers, I would look at a Jadis DA30, for less, the Master Sound DueTrente. That being said, if you could afford the Pass XA30.5 integrated, that might a very good match if you insist on SS -- what is your budget?
I'm happy to consider another speaker. My search continued. I'm happy with my amp. I have a very good tubed amp in another room, but prefer my hybrid amp.
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I use a pair of Red Dragon Leviathan monos and the sound is fine to my ears, but I am going to investigate what a Mac 275 will bring to the party.

If there is an improvement I will make the change.

I am satisfied with my present amps, but all the hype about using tubes on the GV have whetted my curiosity and that usually costs me money.

So keep the comments coming about Grand Veena and amp match ups.

I would also ask that speaker wires be added to the mix,as I have found that getting the best sound out of the GV have a lot to do with the wiring also.

More than any other speaker I have owned, and there have been many of all stripes, the GV seem very particular about who's company they keep in cables.

Then again maybe the Mac will make cables a non issue.