Reference Audio Mod Oppo 970 – How good is it ?

I already have a dedicated redbook CD player which satisfy, but would like a second budget player which can play the SACD discs that I have. It interests me when the Absolute Sound nominate the Oppo 970 the budget component of the year and name it a “giant killer”. With the Reference Audio Mod still it is not too expensive. I would welcome any opinion on this modified unit or better alternative.
Hi, John:

I think the full package, including player, runs in the neighborhood of $1,200. You can email RAM to confirm. Cryoing is an extra couple hundred, but is definitely worth it, IMO. Hope this helps!

I just got the RAM 981 with all mods including Superclock IV and Superclock power supply. Only thing I didn't get done is cryo, will do that later. Mines just burned in couple hundred hours now and it is easily, easily, by far the best CDP I've ever heard. At this level it feels wrong to even talk about imaging, extension, etc, its well into the realm of emotional feeling. If anything the 970 should be better, both Kyle and Doug at RAM say it sounds better with the same level mods due to some differences in stock design. If you can afford to cryo do it, everything I have cryo'd (including other CDP's just not this one) came out amazingly improved!
Based in part on what I've read here, I've gone ahead and ordered a RAM 970. The "base" modded version set me back $800, and the superclock/clock power supply/cryo is pretty much another $800 when it's all said and done.

It's worth noting that I called RAM darn near 11 pm (8 pm West Coast time) on a Friday night...and someone answered. And was helpful. I defy folks to name a whole lot of other manufacturers who would have a top-flight person on duty at that time!

Apparently, we're talking about a two week lead time or so. Once I have the unit in hand and have a chance to burn it in, I'll remark upon it on AgoN.
I've heard Andy's upgraded Oppo 970 and its got me doing some hard thinking about my digital side. It sounded simply unbelievable for the modest investment. There was no smoke and mirrors in what I heard. Thank you very much Hooper. Hope to do a A/B with it in my system and just for giggles put it up against my stock 970 before sending it out to RAM.

Happy Listening!
Glad you liked what you heard, Rob. The RAM Oppo is quite the special piece. If only more people knew what could be accomplished through some smart modding!