Rega RB251 vs RB301

I'm going to mount a second tonearm on my Nottingham Analogue Interspace t/t. I hear many of these have been fitted with the older RB250s in the past, with great results.

I think it's only the mounts that have changed in the new version of both arms. Given that, what would be a better bet if I don't intend to do any mods. Where I live, the RB301 costs about 45-50% more.

Input appreciated. Tks.
There are some other differences -- the RB301, for example, uses a different antiskating adjuster than the old RB300, and the cable is improved.

I haven't tried the new Rega arms yet, but I have owned my share of RB250 and RB300 arms. I tend to prefer the RB250.

I've never been convinced the RB300 is any better, and in fact, some argue that the RB250 is actually the better arm regardless of price.

If you're using the arm for a second cartridge for playing junk records or everyday stuff, you can probably find an RB100 even cheaper.
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