Relationship between Ethernet Switch and SQ

This one will probably invite some withering mockery, but I will ask....

I only stream, and my streamer (Bryston BDP) is fed with an ethernet cable that runs back to my router.  Literally back to my router; there are enough output jacks on the router that I have a long run to the streamer and no ethernet switch in the chain (or the house system for that matter).   (There is an Eno filter right before the streamer).

I happen to OWN a nice LHY ethernet switch.  I am assuming that there is no reason to use it in this configuration, that is, assuming there are noisier switches, and less noisy switches, there is still no net benefit of adding any switch to this chain.  But maybe, just maybe, in the metaphysics of electrons that I do not understand, there is some reason why a nice switch prior to the streamer accomplishes something (in theory...I get that I can A/B test and try to fool myself whether I can hear a difference).  For the first person with a correct answer, I will mail a nice $600 switch to the address you specify! (JK)



I honestly do not want to start or perpetuate an argument but analog audio logic simply doesn't apply in the digital or network domain.  It's fundamentally different.  

digital signal is carried by the analog signal inside digital cables. That is one of the reasons the sound quality varies amongst digital interconnects. Other reasons are cable material composition, noise rejection properties and connectors. Yes the bits are bits and will be transferred correctly but in audio the logic of bits are bits doesn’t always apply. Now if you’re talking about fiber optic then the analog signal concepts don’t apply. 
@fredrik222 is right with packet transfers but doesn’t understand the difference between buffering and caching which is surprising because buffering is an essential element of networking. Caching is an essential element of data processing and rendering. He fails to understand and acknowledge he doesn’t know everything and has a rancid attitude turning discussions into wars. 

Fredrik, you have been saying the same single message over and over on these forums for as long as 8 months- best I can tell.  Do you think you have convinced anyone that packets are packets or that the gear makes no difference?  Have you even taken the trouble to listen to some decent stereo gear and hear it for yourself?  Perhaps, you are in the group that is not sensitive to PRAT, jagged highs or care about imaging.  Nothing wrong with that; but to assume that no one else can is wrong.

There's a reason your boss probably keeps you away from people.  Your interpersonal skills need some work.  I'm not trying to be mean.  All of us technical oriented, ie. left brain people have to make an effort at improving our interpersonal skills.  Take a look at a politician.  He can convince people to use umbrellas on a sunny day as easily as you or I can discuss an engineering principle.  Don't go that hard over but learn to see that not everything in the world is black and white- in fact the world is many shades of gray.  And learn that other peoples viewpoints have value.

I've seen my designs do things I didn't think possible.  Dynamic systems are difficult to analyze and understand.  Complex systems have interactions that can cause exponential changes.  Audio draws in us technical types I think, because of the challenges and often unexpected outcomes.  That's what keeps life interesting.  

So this is a somewhat odd thread but I’ll add to the pile. Noise is an issue that is hard to fathom as when it’s there, you may not realize it. When it’s reduced you certainly can.

Had used the fiber optical solution seen here in the video and it worked very well. When I added a WiiM Pro to my monoblock tube amps, didn’t think it was needed anymore.

More recently, I had switched going out from the streamer coax and thought let’s try that glass optical cable I run for video audio. It is a substantial and a lovely improvement running that glass Toslink into an RME ADI-2 DAC. The DAC can handle 192K streaming coming out of the WiiM Pro.

Had the fiber optical cable lying around and said, hey, why not give it a try. It may not be an improvement like earlier. (Also use an LPS for the second fiber converter's power and to power the WiiM Pro.) Well, it took up the performance a whole other notch and now my system is the best sounding it’s ever been. It's sooooo good. 🐸

Both of these changes offered significant improvement because noise was removed. They are both audible and with noticeable impact. Happy listening and Happy New Year!



@tonywinga in the last thread you defined a troll as someone who cannot backup their claims and are only out to instigate confrontation (paraphrased), and I repeatedly asked you to back up your fanatical and fantastical claims, and you couldn’t, so, again, per your own definition, you are a troll. Every time you are asked to provide any at all supporting evidence of your outlandish claims, you take to personal attacks.