Rell or JL subwoofer?

I have 4 classe 25 amps biamping 4000 watts to a set of Bowers 802D3, I currently have 2 12 inch svs pro 1000 sealed subs, 500 watts each and a 15 inch klipsch like 800 watts, do to space I need to get rid of the 15 inch klipsch, so I’m upgrading my 12 inch svs , I use my system for 50% music and 50% movies and I do prefer smooth movie bass that the svs subs give out,  everyone says Rell is for music, and to get JL audio, but my dealer that sells Rell said Rell is definitely the way to go for movies and music that Jl is not . I have learned to trust him, very kewl guy, so his opinion got me confused cause everyone else said Rel is only for music and JL is actually hybrid for both music and movies. I’m looking at JL audio fathom 112 or fathom 113 vs Rel s812 or Rel carbon series, which do you guys recommend? I leave it up to you guys!!thanks so much 


I've bought a few used RELs from the Q series and they're still great (2 Q150e models and a Q108MK2). The phase adjustment does not have to be continuously variable as the 180 degree switch works fine. No DSP digital nannies allowed in my room.

I have owned a pair of s510s and the fathom 113s. JL for HT and REL for music is an oversimplification people should dismiss. Their setup philosophy and feature sets are very different. REL assumes good in-room bass response from the main speakers. Their "advanced" setup asks the user to flank the main speakers with their subs and minimize the filter and volume. The placement adjustment pends a listener version of an impulse response. Their features are limited, but I agree the polarity switch is more essential than a phase knob.

JL Audio’s feature set is 100% about in room frequency response. Because of their electronics delay, I believe coincident impulse response between their subs and the mains is not happening without a digital crossover. I am not so sure about REL, either way. This is because of the poor frequency response in my room, it was worth trying. In theory is difficult to imagine solving for both frequency and time at just by room placement.

REL has other advantages like lighter weight and lower entry cost. I believe their website’s sub-speaker matching is terrible. There is no way a T9 pair would match my 4367s.

Based on my experience I think one will more likely get away with REL if the in room frequency response of the main speakers is already good. JL Audio works better for me. If bass frequency is off enough and bass decay is extended enough, a more power feature set may be warranted.


To clarify an above post. The CR1 has no EQ. I personally set up every parameter as best I can before running DARO.

I ended up buying JL fathom f112 , I don’t like them, gonna sell for $5000 and buy the svs sb 4000


what do you not like about the F112? Sound wise I think they are pretty solid.