Replace my Adcom 555

I'm looking to replace my aging Adcom pre- amp.  I upgraded power to an Parasound A21 recently. The Adcom does have a signal processor circuit which I would like to duplicate with the replacement. 

... I have a nice EQ that I like to "brighten" up some of my music with.I just like it.

  Without spending a fortune, any suggestions for a replacement?

Somehow missed that model. I’ve owned/own the GTP-500 and GFP-565, both very decent. Just as an aside, I recently heard the A21 paired with an older Conrad Johnson PV15 tube preamp and I thought it sounded very nice. Much better than an SS preamp it replaced, I think it was a real old model Bryston pre.
Adcom GFA - 555 and 555II, 80’s product, were good power amps that could drive all kinds of setups with 200 watts+ for hours.
The new Adcom amps are great replacements for your older unit.  Lots of technology upgrades.  If you like your old Adcom then you will love your new Adcom.