Replacing driver screws with brass screws

There was some discussion about this on Millercarbon's thread about the Moab speakers, and I wanted to pursue the subject further without interfering with his thread.
As I stated there, I have heard about this practice for quite a few years, but never tried it because it seemed like one of those lunatic fringe ideas; and even though I actually really enjoy trying tweaks, and have found many of them effective, I just was not prepared for what this one did for the music coming out of my speakers. 
Specifically, it improved the detail in ambient trails, focus in general, complex harmonics in voices and stringed instruments, and instrumental separation. It is not subtle, and it is immediately noticeable.
So, I am curious to know how many of you out there have tried this, and what your experience has been.
Thanks, John  
In my humble opinion cd318's post are on one the money. 
My contribution to this storm in a teacup is this: 'De Minimis'. That is shortcut legalese for 'The law does not take account of small things'.  I have done the brass screw thing.  Did it change the sound?  I guess in theory it did - as in everything makes a difference, not that I heard a difference.  Did it improve the sound? Again, I do not know - it was inaudible to me.  (The speakers were Triangle Magellan Cello with Pass amplification).

As an aside, something that is audible is to take out your speaker drivers and place dynamat on the baskets.  Not 'night and day', no 'veils lifted' but if you have good gear and good ears there is a bit of something there. 
As has been mentioned, this idea has been around for decades. The purpose has been stated for magnetic/vibration reasons which is totally ludicrous. It doesn’t cost much to do, but don’t assign any idiotic benefit to it. There are a myriad of tweaks, just as inexpensive to implement, that may be more beneficial.
Maybe the difference you hear has to do more with the amount of torque applied.  Are you using one of those small torgue drivers to see what pounds per inch you're applying?

I ask because from what I've read, and been told, Bobby from Merlin speakers had his screws tightened to a specific torque value as he heard a difference in the sound when using different values.