Replacing Lyra Kleos at end of its life need suggestions as to what next?

I purchased a slightly used Lyra Kleos on Audiogon awhile back and its now probably close to retirement. 

I have enjoyed the cartridge and considered upgrading to the Lyra Etna but its rather expensive.  I thought about getting another Kleos but think want to upgrade rather than simply replace.

A couple dealers have suggested either a Soundsmith Hyperion or a ZYX Universe III.  The ZYX is roughly the cost of the Etna so that gives me pause.

Complicating matters neither of the dealers are local so would have to mount the pricey cartridge myself or with the assistance of friends in or out of the audiogon community.  

I have a Lenco L75 idler wheel direct drive turntable that has an upgraded plinth among other things and am using a Dartzeel phono/line preamplifier.

I listen to wide assortment of music including jazz, rock, and singer/songwriter stuff.....but not classical music....

any thoughts welcome



The Kleos is a great cartridge.  I am really liking my Delos right now.  If I was going to look at carts, I would look at the ortofon Winfield Ti,  just fabulous.
Hi.  I just wrote a mini review of my turntable, the Artisan Achates SE. and it is also a Lenco-based turntable.  I used the Lyra Kleos SL and now have the Etna.   I can assure you a well-executed Lenco-based idler is worthy of an Etna, but the Kleos SL is a giant killer and capable of amazing sound.  You should click on the links in my review.  Those 2015 Axpona videos and reviews were with my table and they were using the Kleos SL.  With that set-up, Michael Fremer said this was his favorite room of the whole show.   They accomplished that with a Kleos SL.   
I forgot to add...I believe when you send your Kleos in for a rebuild, you can request that they convert it to an SL.  The SL is 0.25 mV output and the Etna is 0.56mV, but the difference is only approximately 3dB.  My volume dial was at 10:00 o’clock with the Kleos SL and 9:00-9:30 with the Etna.  I was surprised, but not much of a difference.   Both are loaded at 183 ohms via a 1:16 step-up into a 47 kOhm tubed phono.  
I had Kleos, Skala and Titan i. Only the Kleos for longer and on some LP´s it sounds great. On others it is too much HighEnd to my ears.
But asking about which cartridge to buy is very difficult to answer. Problem is, that the fewest of all are not really well build.
I have a VdH Frog which was especially build for me and in my ears it sounds better than all Lyra´s i heard (EMT JSD6, Phasemation PP300, DV XX2MKII, Transfiguration Phoenix S too)
But i have had some Frog´s with fabrication defect...
I think the Hyperion is a great thing to test. My MIMC is the most neutral cartridge i ever heard.
Invictus-  as I listen to my Delos I bet it would sound great on your new rig from what I remember about SME, did you ever try one?