Revel F328Be's Have Arrived! / Contradicting Specs?

Well I'm only about 8 hours in with my new Revel F328Be's & I am enjoying them & they are flat out awesome. They are replacing a pair of KEF R11's in my main system which I will be moving to another system as I still think the R11's are fantastic performers. That said, the new F328Be is in another league right out of the box. More finesse, more muscle, more detail than the R11 which I think will even widen as the Revel's continue to break in. And I wish we could post pictures here because I was floored by how they arrived...they come in a heavy duty flight road case, one for each speaker with custom lettering outlining the Revel F328Be. Each case & speaker weighs over 200lbs so when the 19 year old delivery service kid showed up with no dolly, ramp or even a box cutter to unwrap the cases I knew I would be helping to get these in the house.
On a side note, I know these speakers are brand new but Revel does appear to have some contradicting specs that has left me wondering what the true specs are? For example...
-The Revel site has not yet published the frequency range for the F328 so I asked several dealers & they both came back & said the Revel rep said 26Hz - 40khz at -6db. However the manual that came with the speakers states 32Hz - 40khz at -6db? Per the manual it also states the low-frequency extension is 25Hz (-10db); 32Hz (-6db); 44Hz (-3db)
-There is also a discrepancy with the weight of the speaker...the site says 90 lbs. but the manual lists each speaker at 112 lbs which I find much more accurate after moving them around yesterday.
-The speaker dimensions are also off between the site & the manual...the Revel site lists it as 13.5" wide & the manual states 11.83". And depth on the site is listed at 17.6" while the manual states 16.56". (both the site & the manual list these measurements with grille included).
Just thought I would get this info out so you can keep it in mind if you are considering the F328Be. I want to also publicly thank Jay O'Hanlon from XTend Technologies in Cleveland for his outstanding service & assistance, I would highly recommend Jay & XTend. Thanks
" of the best available speakers..." They're made in China.  Does anyone think they're worth $16K?
Yes I do which is why I stated I think they compete in performance with speakers up in the $25k range. Personally I negotiated a very good price with my dealer well below $16k, but I think they are a great bargain even at $16k if someone pays full sticker for them. 
Hey, would you be able to tell the name of the dealer and price you got them for? 
I reference the dealer in my opening post at the beginning of the I won’t state the price I negotiated publicly. I don’t think my dealer would appreciate that & that's between the dealer & myself.
I just auditioned the f228be and f328be and I thought I would have been more blown away. I’m kinda disappointed I have there outdoor speakers and love them. I was think that but just a lot better and it’s was just ehh. They seemed lifeless I have JBL HDI and there great. I felt they were lacking bass