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This review covers the orignal DCM Time Windows. Not the subsequent versions.

I remember the first time I heard these. Their unique shape and sound where unlike anything I had heard before. Here was a speaker that really delivered the promise. It was driven by a PS Audio Amp and PS Audio LCC PreAmp. At the time I had the Large Advents,and while those speakers were very good indeed, the Time Windows were clearly superior. The music just seemed to come alive in a way that's hard to describe. There was just a seamless transparency to them. Not overly bright or accentuated on the bass. The balance was right on. It didn't really matter what the program material was, the Time Windows clearly and with authority brought the music to life. If they had any real weakness is for some peoples taste the bass may have been on the light side. But for my taste it was as it should be. The orginals used Philips drivers using a transmission line and the cabinet construction contributed to the overall sound. In the late 70s these were not cheap at about $800.00 but were indeed worth the price of admission. I was finally able to acquire a pair of these and have them to this day. Few things one purchases in life have enduring value and the Time Windows truly are in that category. Of all the reviews I have read on these speakers not one reviewer has clearly defined the sonics of this fabulous speaker. Use all of the adjectives you want and one will still come up short in the description. Best way to describe them, if you love music and have better than average components connected to them, the Time Windows will deliver the music with a verve that will astound you.

Now these speakers are some 20 years or more in age and continue to deliver the music. And that's what this hobby is all about. DCM no longer produces the Time Windows,having opted for the HT route. This is a true shame as these speakers deserve continued production. Timeless design is just that.


  • Dimensions:36"H x 14 3/4"W x 11 3/4"D
  • Weight:32 Pounds
  • Power Requirements:10 Watts Minimum per channel 89 dB/watt at one meter;200 Watts Maximum
  • Impedance:5 Ohms minimum/6-8 Ohms nominal
  • Frequency Range:25Hz to 18 kHz
  • Dispersion:180 degrees horizontal/60 degrees vertical.

    Specifications do not tell the whole story,listening does. The Time Windows due to their configuration can be literally tuned to any room. That is due to their shape. This was a brilliantly executed design that has remained faithful all these years.

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  • ferrari
    I have been reading up on the TW and TW1s, considering a crossover rebuild. These beasts are almost impossible to get into. The only person I have heard of actually doing this update ..........cut the bottoms off,esentially boogering them up.... then remade them from oak. Serious project. I am toying with doing a Caesarian..8 inch tall by maybe 12-14 inch wide tubectomy on the back..Then, soldering in the PPE caps without trying to pry the cap board off of the cabinet bottom.. I would then build a lip, using yardstick-sized wood strips....full ones on the interior side edges... and little one-inchers inside the curved tube.Then, lots of wood glue and recover. Maybe glue in a couple front-rear braces just for fun.. Then , I think about the hours involved... Good Grief. Here is something unique, TW folks. Flip them upside down, make room on your computer desk, and use them as nearfield monitors. Oh My !!!! Buckethead, Soothsayer, from Grooveshark thru a Soundstreamer II into a Parasound 850 pre and SAE 201 power.Never heard it sound THIS good, fer reals.
    I have a pair of Timewindow 3. I listen to them to or three times a week. and they sound very nice. But I must say that they do not come close to my B&W DM6 speakers. yes I know most of you will be thinking that they are not even in the same class. I am just giving my opinion

    I just picked up 2 pairs of Time windows at an estate sale, one DCM3s and the other similar in appearance but shorter (36" vs 39") and without adjustments.

    I've not been able to find a copy of the DCM-3s manual or a detailed description of how to set them up. Any help out there? Can anyone ID the smaller pair?

    Still have and use a pair of the original Time Windows that replaced my AR3a's 35 years ago.  They sounded so much better than the ARs way back then.  Have them set up in my exercise room driven by an old NAD integrated.   They sound so nice I have always tried to find a place for them.
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