Review: DH Labs toslink Optical Cable Interconnect

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This cable replaced a Chord 50 MbpsToslink

the difference was absolutely amazing. I was not expecting this type of improvement from a very affordable toslink.

The whole image came together with individual instruments easily identified

There was also an improved dynamic - with bass drums having a very crisp thud.

On the more subtle areas like voice there was a whole new layer of detail that was previously never heard. Amazing whispery textures on the high end and a raspy quality in the lower register.

the other really noticeable are of improvement was in the acoustics of the hall in which recordings were made - it's just like you are right there

My main listening pleasures are classical and Jazz, but this cable has not only brought a whole new dimension to those genres, but has increased my listening pleasure of pop music to a whole new level, which I had little interest in prior to getting this cable

The cable has been in the system for about 4 days, but the improvement was so amazing it is not hard to communicate the improvements in such a short time

This is also a very well made cable - with connectors that rotate freely from he cable itself, making it easier to connect and run the cable

To quote a popular phrase - the veil has been lifted, except with this cable they also lifted the soundproofing as well

Top marks to DH Labs for such a great cable at an amazing price!

It will be a long time before I bother to look for a replacement

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Used to connect Apple Te streaming into a Dacmagic

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"Top marks to DH Labs for such a great cable at an amazing price!"

That's what I'm finding with their cables. They just seem to perform way beyond their price point.

I started with a pair of their Power Plus a/c cords and now have 7 of them. Bought their Toslink for occasional use with a Macbook Pro's optical out and just got their coax D-75 2 days ago for my DAC for my main listening.

One thing I find interesting is that all of these cables sounded good "out of the box" and then just get better. Usually it takes me or a cable a little time "if" that is going to happen (sometimes it doesn't).

I also think they are a great company. I enjoy doing business with them.

btw, I see you have their Power Plus also. How does it compare to other cables you've used?

Onemug - here's a link to a review I did on their...
Power Plus Power Cable

And their Encore power cable

Both are extremely good, but I could not tell at what point the Power plus would be advantageous - maybe 200 watts?

I too am a big fan for their no nonsense approach to cables