Review: Evolution Acoustics MM2 Speaker

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I am not a professional reviewer, just a humble audiophile. In fact this is my first review. What prompted me to write this review is because the popular audiophile media failed to recognize a giant in the world of high end speakers.
I have had many loudspeakers from highly regarded and reviewed manufacturers. However, none have touched my soul and indulged my senses as Evolution Acoustics MM2. It is perfectly resolving loudspeaker with any musical material presented to it. As another audiophile friend observed, it shows no strain regardless of the meterial presented to it. It is the most nonfatiguing instrument. It projects perfectly balanced soundstage. Powered base module and multiple controls in the back allow for perfect adjustment depending on listening environment. It is very efficient and can be driven with aplomb with tubes(especially that bass being actively powered is not an issue) as well as solid state. There are speakers that are marketed for Rock vs Classical or Jazz. Evolution Acoustics can handle any genre equally well. In addition the finish quality is impeccable. I have problems with humidity control in the house(it often gets too dry). Some veneered furniture pieces(including Dunlavy speakers) have experienced some venner separation. None of this happened with Evolution Acoustics.
Again, I appreciate audiogon readers looking at this review. I just think that credit should be given where it is deserved.

Associated gear
Dartzeel amp, DArtzeel preamp, Playback Designs CD/SACD

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Wish I had your front end digital.
I have the MM3's and echo your enthusiasm!
Best speakers that have graced my system.
Still own the MM2's in 2012? Any additional comments since owning them for so long? Thanks, I am considering same.
I have had the MMTwos for about 6 months and am delighted with them - no thoughts of changing these. As Hifinut mentions, you can listen to them for hours as not fatiguing.