Review: Theta Digital Miles CD Player

Category: Digital

I purchased the Theta second hand for $950. When I replaced my Marantz CD63SE with the Theta Miles, the difference was stark and very apparent. The presentation was far more musical and it almost seemed like the performers were trying that much harder. The biggest difference is in the bass department, the bass in the Theta was a lot deeper tighter and controlled. The stereo imaging was a lot more pronounced and the sound a lot more dynamic. The Theta Miles was truly a revelation to me.

Associated gear
Anthem MCA Series II Amplifier
Sonus Faber Grand Piano
Stealth FR silver speaker cables
Stealth ETS silver interconnects

Similar products
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Welcome to the world of Theta. I've been using Theta products for awhile and will agree, you get a lot of bang for the buck. They really do a great job of competing with the super high end gear at a lower price point. If you like the Miles consider a Theta DaViD transport next time you upgrade. I can guarantee you'll here the music again for the first time. :^)

I have the balanced version of the Theta Miles. It is very nice! I've tried adding a more modern 24bit/96Khz DAC, but I found the internal DAC in the balanced Miles to be superior. So much for progress!!