RFI Interference

I just bought a used Exposure 2010s on eBay and I'm having some major RFI interference issues with it. I use it primarily with a Rega RP1 powered by a Musical Fidelity V-LPS that's hooked up to the Exposure with Audioquest Sidewinder interconnects.

In between tracks and even during quieter parts of songs I can hear a local rap station coming through clearly. Needless to say it ruins the experience, but I'm really not sure where to start fixing it.

The interference comes through no matter which input I choose and does not get louder or quieter when I change the volume. It also does not change significantly when I unplug the interconnects and have nothing plugged into the integrated, leading me to believe it's an issue with the Exposure.

Thoughts? Suggestions? I love the sound of my amp but this issue is a real killer. Thanks all.
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I lived through RFI hell for months. The first problem was a cheap wall wart for the HRT iDevice. Then I removed the iPod from the system. The final solution was using Ferrite beads on all ICs and speaker wires. It is an interesting dilemma. All solutions vary. It will take longer to solve if the source of RF, i.e. radio towers or an apartment full of routers, is highly visible.
Just a thought::
IF the volume of the radio station doesn't change with changes in volume control level, that would tell me it is coupling in AFTER the preamp gain stage, which would presumably change the level of the RFI, as well. The fact that it is coupled for ALL inputs helps that conclusion.

Perhaps rearranging speaker wires would help. NO coils, for example.

Do you know where the radio station's transmitter is located? How far? How much power?
If what turns out to be the antenna is at right angles to the transmitter, that will be the orientation of maximum sensitivity to the offending signal.