Rockwell: audiophile term "just like a pedophile"

Hey guys. You should read this bigoted and ignorant caricature of audiophile stereotypes by camera reviewer Ken Rockwell. I have never seen anything like it. Just do a search under his name and the article "What is an Audiophile".

Coming from someone who spends his life detailing differences between camera lenses, is this also hypocritical?
Actually, its another name for ocd , we are never satisfied with what we have, have to try something else, its neverending, forever!
Geoffkait, the main issue i think is with the magazines which basically are posing as credible reviewers and experts when really they are glorified advertisers. I have listed numerous occasions where this was obvious. So sure, its a hobby based on very subjective opinions allowing many people to take advantage of that. Caveat emptor.
At first I thought his web site interesting, but ultimately, I'm not impressed with his camera gear reviews and far less so with his audio reviews.

Lots of inconsistency in his reviews of photo gear

His audio reviews are juvenile