Rogue Audio DragoN Amplifier?

I would appreciate if anyone who has heard this amp can share their experiences.  It uses the NCore module vs. the UCD module in the previous Medusa and current Hydra.  Apparently the first Rogue application of the NCore.  
Thanks for your comments.  
I have read some very positive reviews and comments about the NCore module amplifiers. Very low distortion, high power and some believe the best sound they have heard coming from an amplifier.   

It looks like we have traveled some of the same paths, I have a pair of the JA Profiles, love them.  Initially set them up with a Conrad John CAV 45, also have Rogue RP-5  with DragoN amp.  Actually faily new to allof this so I really can't give any profound statements, I am actually starting to lose my hearing so this is my last gasp as I have always wanted a high end sytem.  Just wondering what you found optimal with the JA as well as your impressions with the DragoN