Roon Endpoint Streamers - Direct Comparisons between Current Offerings?

Have any of you directly compared sound quality between any of the current offerings of streamers when used solely as a Roon endpoint/streamer? This assumes Roon core and any local music file storage is being operated on a separate device (i.e., a separate server).

I have listed several of the current options below and while a few of those offer additional features, such as server capabilities, hosting of local file storage, or operating players unique to their manufacturers (i.e., other than Roon), I am interested in their performance solely as a Roon endpoint/streamer. Other suggestions not listed below are welcome, but please consider a $5K -$10K price range.


  • Sonore Signature Rendu SE optical v3.0 - $5,350
  • Auralic Aries G2.2 - $6,099
  • Innuos Pulsar - $7,999


  • Aurender N200 - $6,300
  • Antipodes K22 - $9,000

I like the Holo Audio Red as a Roon endpoint.  Well engineered with very low jitter.  Why spend $5K to $10K on something that is built to be a streamer with custom software etc. and then just using it as an endpoint?  Put the money you save into another component that will level up your sound in a more significant way.  Just my 2 cents.

The Holo Red looks interesting but not sure what would make it outperform my Metrum Ambre as a Roon endpoint.  The Ambre is a Raspberry Pi device with onboard LPS and Femto clocks.

What I do like about the Red is the option to use it as a streamer/endpoint or as a DDC, but I already have a Singxer SU-6 DDC.

I’m not sure it would since I don’t know the Ambre.   I missed your post about your existing setup.  I have heard the Innuos Pulsar and Auralic Ares G2.2 but not in my system or with the same DAC.  So I don’t know what their relative sonic differences might be. I just think you’re splitting hairs when the technical aspects of streamers are so close.  Good luck with your search.


I have heard the Innuos Pulsar and Auralic Ares G2.2 but not in my system or with the same DAC. 

Understood that the set-up was not the same but otherwise can you share any particular thoughts about the sound of either of those two streamers in comparison to the other, or was your impression simply that they both sounded good?

Innuos pulsar  excellent better then Roon and very good interface 

hq player a powerfull program innuos now can use,and built into Roons back end 

to improve sound quality to your taste.