Rotel RP-560 Turntable?


I've been slowly looking for a turntable, as my venerable Mitsubishi LT-5V was retired some time ago. In my local newspaper, a gentleman is advertising a Rotel RP-560 turntable, new in the box, for $275.

I was shocked to find that Rotel began manufacturing this table in '81!! To find one new in the box I would imagine is a rare treat indeed, but I know nothing about the table, and a web search revealed barely a speck.

Is anyone familiar with this table? I'm quite intrigued at this point!

It was a half-decent (which is another way of saying mediocre) direct drive, semi-automatic turntable. It's probably on par with your Mitsubishi sound-wise and was probably made for Rotel by a Japanese subcontractor.

$275 sounds outrageous unless you're willing to overpay for the novelty value. Otherwise, a used one would probably go for well under $100. They are fairly rare.

If you're determined to overpay for this, be aware that sitting in the box unused for all that time may well have dried up the lubricants and belts/gears for the automatic return function so be prepared to do a complete service on it before using -- especially be sure to clean and re-oil the main bearing and check the arm bearing.

$275 buys much better sound on the used market.

Based on your affection for the Mitsu, you might look for a used Technics SL-7 or SL-10, which were fully automatic, linear tracking designs that could sound surprisingly good. Of course, like the old Rotel, they will likely require a maintenance service including arm belt, lube and contact cleaning.

A used (audiophile-owned) Technics SL-1200 would likely be right up your alley as well. Manual operation, but rock solid, sounds far better than what you're used to, will last a lifetime or three and can be upgraded substantially with arm accessories and outboard power supplies from KAB USA.