RoyLCraft custom Technics SP/SL-1600MK2 Turntable

Does anyone have any experience - good or bad - with this ebay offering:
which belt? it has direct drive tonearm belt?

Tone arm drive belt.

Do you own an SL-1600MKII?  
I've owned a few. Sophisticated and troublesome turntables. Cheap version of SL1200.

the SL-1200mk2 is a dumbed-down derivative of the SL-1600mk2. Technically, the SL-1600mk2 / SL-1700MK2 / SL-1800mk2 are a more sophisticated platform from which the ruggedized SL-1200mk2 is based on. The SL-1600mk2 has a vastly superior double-isolation suspension system, automatic play and automatic tonearm return. The SL-1200mk2 has exactly the same tonearm, motor, platter and drive control, mounted in a rubber base. 
isolation of 1200 vs. 1600 is same thing as isolation vs. none. that's where sophisticated 1600 and further loose big time.
Czarivey, your post makes no sense. The SL-1600mk2 / SL-1700mk2 / SL-1800mk2 have both rubber/felt feet and a spring suspended tonearm and platter. That is vastly superior to the hunk of rubber that the SL-1200mk2 sits on in terms of sound and shock isolation.  

The auto-return mechanism is robust and uses optical sensors, so it presents zero drag on the tonearm. 

The only thing about the SL-1200mk2 that is redeeming is the basic accuracy and stability of the drive motor and tonearm bearings, which it inherited from the SL-1600mk2 / SL-1700mk2 / SL-1800mk2. 

If there is a criticism to be made about the SL-1600mk2 / SL-1700mk2 / SL-1800mk2, it is that leveling the suspension requires some patience. On the other hand, the SL-1200mk2 is so simple that even a rapper can use it.