Running Benchmark AHB2 in bridged mode and 4 Ohm Speaker

Does running this amp in bridge mode mean each channel will see half the impedance i.e 2 Ohm each when connected to a 4 Ohm speaker.  If so will this cause a problem when the speaker dips to 3 or 2 ohms?. 

Anyone running Benchmark AHB2 in bridged mode with low impedance speakers?. 

I am running a small tower that is 89dB and 4 Ohm, and two of AHB2 in Mono with Exogal Comet and Plus Power Supply take 90 of 100 setting sometimes at listening level. This is no issue for the Comet or the amps, but with less efficient speakers you might bump into a barrier with listening level and amp output.

As I stated in my review the amps do not pull off absolute power for any and all speakers with unlimited listening level. Know your speakers and know your preference. Now, having said that, I would guess that in 90% of the cases, perhaps more, this is not an issue.

What remains rock solid is the control, cleanness, tonal richness etc. from class AAA. It's simply a great design. BUT, you must work with cables to elicit the best result you are seeking.

The DAC3 is very good as a preamp. Tends toward lean and light, not a thick, warmish pre like tubed preamps. Again, cables make the difference in so many rigs. The Exogal Comet with AHB2 is a bit warmer, and the DAC3 a bit cooler, but both are superb with the amps.

@hifidream I will try one amp first and two later. Thanks , I prefer neutral components too. Will report back for sure.
I have a pair of AHB2s. My speakers are 6 ohm nominal and not sure where they dip to (Tempo Electric EP-1).

However going form one amp to two, was relatively dramatic in my opinion, and I would recommend it. If you don't love it, send one back. 

I didn't do it for the watts, as my speakers are 91 db sensitive and were designed with lowish power tubes in mind. I also listen very much in the near field, so again, not really looking for more watts. I was looking for the benefit of one amp not having to share a power supply, and more ease tot he sound. What I got was more realistic sound, larger sound, and an overall increase in sound quality 
No answer to the above claim.
All I can say to that is "if correct", that Benchmark should never have released this amp in stereo form, they should be all bridged, as the Stereo version is in some way hobbled and should not be purchased.

And there is no parameter that’s improved with bridging with this amp, except for and increase in wattage, and as Roger Mojeski said "it’s just a sale gimmick to sell more amps".

Cheers George