S.A.M. Small Audio Manufacture.

We need someone out there to do some Reviews on The Croatian Company that makes S.A.M. {Small Audio Manufacture}. They make Turntables & The Tonearms that are called: { CALISTA }  They look simply beautiful. Most are made of Bright Brass & other elements. & their prices are Really Decent. 

They are, what they say they are. A Small outfit. When Ordering from them. It takes quite a while to make each item. I've placed myself on a Waiting list with them,for a Solid Brass CALISTA Tonearm. 

You can find S.A.M. selling a few Turntables with their tonearms, on E-Bay, of all places. & www.audiogon.com  does have a few pictures & prices of their products.

Would love to hear more about them & the quality of their items.


The Chops




Interesting, but there is nothing except an "about us" page on their website, no products or prices.

I own a SAM Antares Turntable and have been using it quite happily for about 10 years. I opted for more traditional tonearms and asked them to make two arm brackets to accommodate a Micro Seiki MA505 and a Grace G-747 tonearm, which they graciously did. After a few years of use, I upgraded the motor with a Chinese made separate out board unit and switched one of the Tonearms to a Grace G-840. The Construction is solid, the aesthetics are pleasing, and the sound is far above any expectations I’ve had.

Previously, I have used an Ariston RD-40, Micro-Tannoy TM 44D, Micro Seiki DD35, and a Micro Seiki MB-51 with a Grace G-747, Micro seiki MA202, MA505, and MA707 tonearms respectively. The SAM Antares has consistently outperformed them all. About 6 years ago, I bought a used Oracle Delphi MkIV with a Kuzma Stogi Ref 313 tonearm. That has been the only Table & Tonearm combo so far to best it, and not by a large margin. In terms of clarity and imaging, they are equal. Bass extension and dynamics on the Delphi IV are noticeably better using the same phono cartridges; especially MC or Moving Iron types.

I have played with a wide variety of MM & MC cartridges and settled on Soundsmith Zephyr MIMC and Soundsmith Boheme.

I whole heartedly recommend the SAM products. The Anatres, I have represents the base of their product line and easily outperforms tables in the $1500 - $2000 range. I can only imagine their other offerings are even better.