Should I fix it and sell it or sell it as is? Mark Levinson No. 331

I have a Mark Levinson No. 331 that has developed a slight hum in the right channel. I am going to sell it, and the question is should I send it out for repair, which will cost in the neighborhood of $1100, or should I just put it on the market for around $800?

    Even if you pay the $1,100 to have your ML 331 repaired, it still makes more economic sense to do so than sell it as-is for $800.  You'd only need to sell the repaired 331 for $1,900 to equal a net $800 and I believe you could sell it for at least $2,300 if you advertise it as having a recent ML authorized dealer service checkup with new power supply caps installed with the documentation to prove it.
     I also think you'll find it's much easier to sell an amp that's in perfect working order than one that is not.  Who knows? You may even decide to keep it if you request upgraded caps.

Very bad to sell something that is not in good working order.Would you buy an amp with hum i don't think so.
@ebm,, g_nakamoto, and scorpio 1951, as roberjerman says, maybe someone who is handy with a soldering iron might be interested in a good deal. I have no interest in tearing into it. Even if I shipped it off to the service center I have no interest in keeping it, have moved on. Also have to figure in the shipping cost back and forth to the service center, at least $200.