Should Sound Quality of Computer Audio be improved

Unable to respond to, "Mach2Music and Amarra: Huge Disappointment"- Thread. Other Members take free pop-shots!
Apparently some have more Freedom Of Speech than others! I
don't know how many times I have said it, I want Computer
Audio to succeed! It will only succeed if Computers are designed from the ground up to reproduce Music (Same minimum standard applied for Equipment of ALL Audio Formats)! This is common sense Audio Engineering Design. Bandaid Modifications cannot be substituted for absence in design to produce Music! Design it right to EARN the right to become a New Audio Format- same as all other Audio Formats! No Freebee's, No Cutting Corners! Lack of design is what's causing such varied results in S.Q. between
listeners of Computer Audio. I see about 50% negative
responses here on these Threads. It will continue to happen unless you fix it! Blaming me won't help! I am an
Engineer, and I can read results! 50/50 success/ failure
rate- you have an inherit Engineering Design Flaw for the
reproduction of Music via Computers! Shock! Suprise- since
they were never designed for Music! So when is someone finally going to properly design the Equipment/Computer
(From the ground up) for Computer Audio? Do we continue
to treat any real criticism as "HERESY" in the lack of
design in Computer Audio for Music? You tell me what I am
allowed to talk about, and we will both know!
It took you 21 days to come up with that response? Was there a time-warp when you stepped into that other dimension? Does the math ( 4-2=5 ) still add up in that other dimension? Strongly suggest you seek out Rod Serling in there, to lead you out- and back to reality. Is this a case of "Eddies (Hfisher) in the Space/Time Continium". "What the hell is he doing in there, why doesn't he get the hell out of there"?
All joking aside, you want Downloading to be Audio Format of ONLY/LAST resort. This is your 5th Dimension goal? Put up ( Music Selection, high S.Q. reliability) or shut up. Went out on a limb for SACD/DVD-Audio/ High Res. DVD-Audio/MLP/ High Res. MLP/Mastered 32-Bit Disks....etc.
Going out on a limb (Lack of Selection) was a formula for failure in these High Res. Formats. You must be a glutton for punishment to try that same formula for High Res. Downloads. Give us, and yourself, a break! Strongly suggest you re-asess, and find another solution. When I feel confident that I can safely rely upon Downloads for Old Music/New Music/ ALL Music- THAT is the time to concider canning all of the Optical Disks. You, Microsoft, Apple, and everyone else on this Thread have no plan on getting us there! Current plan is simply not working- Music
Selection results for Downloading simply speak for themselves. Switching Formats is (Music Selection) results oriented. Don't travel down that same road, and add High Res. Downloads to that same growing list of failed High Res. Formats. Would like to keep High Res. Computer Audio around for a little while- and get rid of the damned MP3! It is just clogging up the pipes! MP3 really a bad sign of going in the wrong direction. Praying that MP3 isn't a sign of an endless pattern. That would really make ALL AUDIO irrelevant! You get what you are willing to fight for in S.Q.! Are you going to fight, or roll over with Computer Audio Downloads? I simply cannot support anyone who fights to roll over on S.Q. (MP3) for the sake of convenience. That is simply NOT who I am! There is nothing
"Convenient" about being an Audiophile- it is a royal pain in the ___! It is an isolating, thankless job sticking up for S.Q.! You don't actually think that I enjoy it, do you? It's ONLY perk is S.Q. Take that away, and what have you got? Take away Music Selection, and what have you got left in S.Q.? Music Selection/S.Q. in only/last resort of Download Format- SHOW ME FIRST!!! I have never asked anything less from other Audio Format Switch-overs. No free-bee's for any Audio Format in this Economy- are you kidding? I can't afford it, who can??? You guys must be made of money to spend more for less (S.Q.)- all in the name of convenience. This is something that really NO-BODY can afford.
Another dimension of silliness. Always entertaining to read your inane posts, Petty.

In conclusion, I hope all other formats get wiped out and computer audio is all you have. I'm just that kinda guy.

Oh, except for vinyl - because I still love that - and I's gotsta look out fer number one.

Best wishes.
Hfisher3380- I got it! You are not looking out for Music, you are looking out fer number one- yourself. Well, you can hope all that you want to. Computer Audio wiping out all other formats is a self defeating process. If Microsoft won't develop it, who will? No research, no development, limited Music Selection, therefore a NON-Audio Format- what do you really have to "Wipe Out other Formats" with? An attitude like yours spells certain defeat for Computer Audio. I don't think that people are going to accept a Music Selection about half of what they are used to. Shoot, many of them might just give up listening to Music all together- No Selection. Microsoft would be thrilled to replace all of their Music Apps with more Games, Videos, Programs. With Audio made completely redundant, irrelevant what do you need LPs for? MP3, and LPs, that would make a hell of a combination. Transfer your LPs to MP3, and go frisbee throwing at the park with your LPs. You get old, just remember the old days when you used to listen to something else besides MP3. Hey, No Regrets- RIGHT! Best wishes right back. You cherry pick Vinyl (More Power to you), but want to deny anyone else the ability to chose their own Formats (Absolute Power to you corrupting absolutely). No one should have to tolerate that. My guess is they eventually won't! They will get tired of you being in charge- REAL FAST!!! The conclusion of THAT (With Computer Audio) will not be pretty. We can avoid that ugliness, and still keep Computer Audio- along with other Audio Formats. Of course if you want to carry your ugly attitude with you to the grave (And drag Computer Audio down with you)- knock yourself out! Just don't flatter yourself, it is beneath you (Six Feet Under).

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. You should cut and paste your answers as they are always the same.

The art of the paragraph is lost on you. Rather like the possibility that computer audio is offering you more than you realise. I feel sad for you. If only you spent less time worrying about sunspots and more time listening.