Should we care if a piece of equipment comes from a pet-free, kid-free, smoke-free home?

I agree that I do not want a preamp or speaker coated with a film of smoke, but I am confused as to what a child or pet could do that would not be otherwise visible. You would see the cat scratches on the speaker grill, the dog chew marks on the rack, the iguana turds in the amplifier cooling vents. And what's a little dog hair among friends? As a 3 year old, I supposedly put my finger through my grandfather's new DIY speaker but I'm pretty sure he replaced the drivers so even that doesn't really matter. Most things will be visible and/or easily remedied.  Maybe the price will even be a little lower because of the cosmetics. If it doesn't mess with function, not a big deal to me.

What concerns me more is does it come from a drunk-free, drug-free home.  I think befuddled owners are far more worrisome than pets or children.



    What's being played out at this moment, in The USA, to a tee, is the agenda described in 'The Naked Communist', published first in 1962.

     I read it first in the 70's and am not at all surprised at it's accuracy, unfortunately.

     However you choose to decorate it, repackage, or- rename it: it's the same old, tired song*.         Victims and oppressors / bourgeoisie and proletariat - let's make everything equal/equitable/even, without any religion or moral turpitude, because we all descended from an amoeba anyway!    

                                                 *ie: Lennon's 'Imagine'

                                          Except: it's never worked that way,

                              as any student of an un-doctored History is aware.

                                           MAKE '1984' HISTORY, AGAIN!


                                                   For any that care:

I prefer my Naked Communist to be a hot Russian spy...

Whom by the way, I wouldn't buy stereo equipment from. You have to draw the line somewhere.

The scenario I see is called anti-intellectualism. All based on books with "isms" in the titles and conspiracy theories. Anyone with a platform thinks they are an expert. 

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