Shunyata Delta V2 Speaker Cables

Hi - Does anyone have the Delta V2 speaker cables and if so what do you think of them?  Looking to upgrade my simple silver cables and would love to hear what others think of the Deltas.  Thanks so much


I have Sigma speaker cables and are currently testing the omega.  (Hopefully, will be able to post a review/comparison shortly). The sigma easily outperformed by Nordost Valhalla 2s.  The omega is even better.  But, this does not answer your question... so

Be aware that until you reach Alpha stage, the shunyata speaker cables do not have the HARP feature.  This technology really does distinguish Shunyata cables and I believe is the major factor contributing the Shunyata's superior tonal and sonic character (in the cables with this technology).

I note that there is about a $2000 difference in delta vs alpha, but based on my (limited) experience, it is really worth the difference.  I have seen alpha speaker cables used on this and other sites, so you may be able to reduce the difference significantly.


What cables do you have now, and what improvements are you looking for with new cables?

That’s a good point about the Harp feature. Most of my power loom is Shunyata Alpha V2’s so ideally I’d pair with Alpha speaker cables but I need a long run which makes the Alphas out of my price range.