SL1200GAE New Tonearm

Want to change the stock arm. Looking at a triplaner 9" vii any other one around $3500 new used . No preferences in particular.
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I love my Thales Simplicity II with my SP10mk3. 

This coupled with the Lyra Atlas SL is sublime.
Dear Raul, I am waiting for you to back up your claim that placing the tonearm bearing in the plane of the LP is a good idea only for gimbal type tonearms, not for unipivots.  Please do explain why a unipivot would not benefit from such a design element.  Moreover, these days there are almost no pure unipivots left on the market.  Nearly all unipivot-like tonearms are now employing secondary bearings to stabilize the unipivot.  How would you treat this third category?  Thanks.
I just had an experience with the 1200G which, IMHO, has to do with the internal tonearm wires.  I have had my table for about 4 months and after considerable listening, the sound just opened up immensely.  It was very good before this happened.  Now it sounds simply incredible.  I bet its the wires in the tonearm.  They must take a long time to run in.  very deep and accurate bass and the sound just relaxed a bit.  This with a Lyra Delos.  
That is about right, mine opened up became more musically solid after couple hundred hours

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