Small footprint.  Big, articulate sound.

For those looking for a small footprint speaker with a big, articulate sound - take a look at the Boenicke W8. I heard them yesterday at T.H.E. Show in Long Beach. Wow! I kept looking around the room for another pair of larger speakers.

The pictures on the website make the speakers look bigger than they are. About the height of a nightstand. DeVore originally designed some models for the NYC apartment dweller. These are even smaller. But very impressive. Check out the specs.


Cool. Thanks for sharing. I could think of a lot of applications for these. 

Having a small footprint and getting a big sound out of the speakers is a big reason why chose my Epos M22 floorstanders almost 10 years ago.  Now I am really enjoying my Vandersteen 3A Signatures, which has a richer and maybe even bigger sound.  Vandy's rule, even if they are not the fresh flavor of the day.

I hope Boenicke's speakers weren't designed by whomever did their website.


I attended The Show on Saturday.

Yes, those speakers did indeed, project a surprisingly big sound from a compact floorstander.

Throw in a couple of subs, I'd be content. Minimal real estate taken up

Since The Show is mentioned, I guess the last 2 years screwing things up, just have  it  is a big deal. Walking into the hotel, no fanfare/banners in the front of the hotel- couldn't even tell the event was going on.

Crowds were non existent-actually a good thing from the attendee perspective. Not for an exhibitor. I imagine the state of affairs is still a reason. I did feel a little weird being in a  small CLOSED room with more than a handful of strangers.

Got a couple of LP's cleaned at the Kirmuss booth(kind of lengthy process) and saw overpriced "sealed originals" of questionable value. 



I have heard both W5 and W8, they do indeed throw larger than life soundstage. I kept looking for a pair of subwoofers in the room :-)

I got my eyes set on W13, I think their pairing with an SET amp may result in sublime experience.

I've seen those before but in all seriousness I'd be afraid of kicking them over accidentally they're so small. Cute speakers and solid SQ for sure.