Small form factor, SS phono preamp recommendation.

Hello all.... I've been using the very capable iFi Zen Phono as a place-holder for quite some time now. Using it's balanced output and upgraded power-supply I think it's a fantastic little unit. My 'table is a Luxman PD171A with a Jelco 850 10" arm and right now it's mounted with my Hana Umami Red. I also have an Accuphase E-5000 and will soon be taking delivery of a pair of Borresen Z5 Cryos. With my cabinet (which my wife calls "the Ark of the Covenant"), and the overall aesthetics of the room, I'm looking for a small, solid state, very high performing phono preamp. Since I just spent crazy money on the Accuphase and Borresens my budget is limited to $3,000 or so. I've been considering a Nova III with the upgraded power supply, a graham Slee Accession with upgraded power supply, an Accuphase AD-40 phono card, or a Whest. What am I missing? I'm to the point that I want to settle into years of stability with my stereo, and just enjoy mining my record collection and the many great record stores in Chicagoland. Thank you for reading,



How about the Gold Note PH-10? It's very versatile can accept 2 arms either MM or MC and sounds fantastic IMO. Just a thought.

Even as a phono guy, I’d be more than tempted to go the AD-50 Analog Record Input Board route. 1st - it’s Accuphase, 2nd - you could utilize full functionality of your E-5000, 3rd - it eliminates a set of cables & 4th - it so simple and elegant 

@rsf507 Good thought, I'll look into it again.. and @boothroyd good point, I have one in my Accuphase E-470 (secondary system)  and I should move it to my new E-5000 and really give it a good audition. @solypsa Intriguing option; are they available in the US? 

My new speakers will by the Borresen Z3's NOT the Z5's !