Snell E-5 with my Rega Brio?

A friend is offering what seems like a good deal ($300) on a pair of Snell E-5 speakers. Currently I'm using Dynaco A-25's powered by a Rega Brio. I imagine the Snells would be a nice upgrade, but I'm concerned the Brio wouldn't be powerful enough. What do you think?
The Brio will work well with the E's. The price is ok, too! Check the woofer foam surrounds for deterioration!
I sold my E lll’s a few years ago for about that amount. I had installed new woofers. 
Thanks for the feedback! He's going to bring the speakers over tonight for a trial period of a few days. After these comments i'm excited to hear them!
If they sound good, grab them.  I had a pair of the original many moons ago, loved them then sold them.  I can't remember why I sold them, maybe I needed the cash?