soliloquy 6.5 speaker parts

my tube preamp was just turning on, when there was a major signal burst which translated over to my speakers. At which time, my one speaker just lost amplification to it. All I get is this low signal, somewhat distorted sound coming out of my low/mid speakers. Does anybody know if their are fuses inline with this speakers?

I previously made several attempts to contact the company, but I suspect they are out of business. That being said, does anybody know where I can find suitable raw speakers to replace the one I destroyed?
Thank you in advance.
Solilogy is out of business. As for a replacement speaker you might want to contact Madisound and see if they carry a replacement. Other than that you might want to do a little research and see if the speakers that Solilogy used were bought from an outside speaker manufactor, and then contact the manufactor directly for a replacement. Last resort would be to find someone who knows how to rebuild speakers. Best of luck in your quest.
Yes, Soliloquy has been out of business for awhile. I don't know about the 6.5's but I've had the 5.0's and SAT5's and the drivers were proprietary in both of them, there are no commercially available exact matches.

Underwood HiFi, who advertise here on Audiogon, bought some of the remaining stock when Soliloquy went out of business and had a few replacement drivers available for awhile. You should contact Walter and find out but I wouldn't get your hopes up.

You might find a close match at Madisound or Parts Express but as Cleaneduphippy suggests, getting help from someone who understands the implications of using a different driver would probably be a good idea.
thank you all for taking time out to help me. There is a company here called Innersound, a high fidelity repair shop and have their own speaker repair department. I will be taking it to them tomorrow.