Something For The Fuse Guys ...

There are fuses, and then, there are fuses. 

I'm evaluating some prototype fuses that I received in the mail three days ago. 

Over the past few years, I've used fuses from five different manufacturers. The last three were the Red, Black and Blue fuses from Synergistic Research. Each one incrementally improved the sound of my system. My favorite so far was the SR Blue. 

The prototype fuses being evaluated presently raises the SQ beyond all of the others mentioned above. The major improvement to my ears is better tonal accuracy. Instruments and voices are more life-like. The noise is reduced allowing for a more solid 3-D presentation with the musicians more solidly presented on the sound stage. Overall, more information is fleshed out of CDs and LPs. 

The manufacturer, the price and the name of the prototype fuses will come later. I don't have the information thus far. My understanding is, if all works out, the release date is to be mid-October. 

Stay tuned ... 

Here’s a question I ask from time to time as it never has been answered, yet I persevere: Are any audio components manufactured with attention paid to alleged proper "direction" of the wiring and circuit board traces?

Maybe. Who knows? Who cares? Besides you, I mean. Which by the way you do not. Any more than anyone else does. What we care about is the final result. Which is what you care about too, since if you really did care you wouldn’t be asking us you’d be asking the manufacturer. So this is all dramatic rhetorical table dressing on your part.
And if not, what possible difference would "fuse direction" make if the wiring following the fuse isn’t intentionally directional?
So what you are saying, the coffee was picked green, poorly roasted, and ground the wrong size, and brewed too long. What difference could it possibly make if its served cold? Or if you’re not into coffee, the hamburger still has marks from where the jockey was whipping it, so how can it make any difference if its bacon and cheese? I would give an audio example but you don’t seem much into that so hopefully one of these metaphors will do. If not I have others.

It would seem that wire directionality chaos exists in many if not all components yet they somehow work just fine.
Well, yes, that’s the whole point. But nobody is saying things don’t work, "just fine" or otherwise. What they’re saying is they sound better one way than another. A difference with a distinction. See?

I personally compared premium (all SR products) fuses to stock in an experiment a few years ago, and found them to be utterly worthless relative to the performance of stock (read inexpensive yet well made items like Littelfuse products) fuses.

Great. You can save a lot of money then.
And now having graciously agreed with your lack of listening skills, you get to have the last word:
Hyperbole laden claims of the sonic superiority of Magic Fuses abound around here, but I seriously doubt all of ’em, as do the vast majority of reasonable audiophiles and gear manufacturers..."thems just the facts," regardless of what many claim to perceive.
jkuc ...

I have the SR Orange fuses throughout the system at this point. Love 'em.
Ok. Thanks Frank. 
Frank, you were involved in evaluation process of the prototype SR Orange. This reduces credibility of your statements but thanks for admitting your participation.  
I'd like to hear about the Orange from other persons, unbiased, less euphoric.. 

Frank’s ears prick up at the first mention of the words orange or fuse, it’s his beer money, also watch for the other three of the 4 musketeers they tag and take over, do your searching to see who the shiller are, before believing anyone on ac mains fuses, especially being directional.

Oh!! thanks for reminding me!!

The only way a fuse can sound better, if it replaces old crusty one that seen too many switch on surges over time, doesn’t have to be $200 fuse, should be $2 same one but new, and the same result will happen, and switch-on surge ageing will be the same for both $200 fuse or the $2 fuse

A slow-blo fuse ageing over time right to left

A fast-blo fuse ageing over time left to right

Your better off spending $2 on a "new original fuse", and save hundreds.

Cheers George

Frank, you were involved in evaluation process of the prototype SR Orange. This reduces credibility of your statements but thanks for admitting your participation.
I’d like to hear about the Orange from other persons, unbiased, less euphoric..

Translation: Frank your evaluation is good enough for Ted Denney, but not for me. I'm jealous. Why doesn't Ted care what I think? Why do people listen to you and not me? I’d like to hear from people who say its crap.

Only problem, Frank actually tried them. You have not. Everyone who’s actually tried them knows they are really, really good. So sorry. Guess you’ll just have to content yourself with raining on the parade. That's a translation. Didn't actually mean raining.