Something For The Fuse Guys ...

There are fuses, and then, there are fuses. 

I'm evaluating some prototype fuses that I received in the mail three days ago. 

Over the past few years, I've used fuses from five different manufacturers. The last three were the Red, Black and Blue fuses from Synergistic Research. Each one incrementally improved the sound of my system. My favorite so far was the SR Blue. 

The prototype fuses being evaluated presently raises the SQ beyond all of the others mentioned above. The major improvement to my ears is better tonal accuracy. Instruments and voices are more life-like. The noise is reduced allowing for a more solid 3-D presentation with the musicians more solidly presented on the sound stage. Overall, more information is fleshed out of CDs and LPs. 

The manufacturer, the price and the name of the prototype fuses will come later. I don't have the information thus far. My understanding is, if all works out, the release date is to be mid-October. 

Stay tuned ... 

Pop Quiz! Wolfie cannot hear the difference between a stock $1 fuse and an advanced audiophile fuse. Yet 50,000 others do hear the difference. What does that tell you? I know what Wolfie is thinking, "But my system sounds fabulous!"
Translation: Frank your evaluation is good enough for Ted Denney, but not for me. I’m jealous. Why doesn’t Ted care what I think? Why do people listen to you and not me? I’d like to hear from people who say its crap.
Thank you for your profound translation.

Only problem, Frank actually tried them. You have not.
I use SR Blue and Black, Hifi Tuning Supreme
Everyone who’s actually tried them knows they are really, really good. So sorry. Guess you’ll just have to content yourself with raining on the parade.
I would like to hear from those who use Orange and compared them to Blue or Black.
That’s a translation. Didn’t actually mean raining.

millercarbon, you are such a jerk :) Jerk in the rain

Kind Regards
So Kaitty, you don't get my position on internal wiring to the extent that you actually help make my case...internal wiring "direction" isn't regarded as even barely important in components as it's simply not. The tiny fuse wire isn't either, and your claim of knowing how many Magic Fuses have been sold has nothing to back it up except your alleged position as an "Audio Insider," who the Ted Dennys of the world open their sales books to. Baloney. I still maintain that the vast majority of sane audio geeks disregard the hyperbole of the Magic Fuse Cabal and enjoy snake oil free sound. The rest can hold up Oregonpapa and Millercarbonfootprint's sandals and cry, "Cast off the shoe and follow the gourd!"
Wolfie, let me ask you a direct question. Are you pretending to be dense or are you really that dense? Because if you’re pretending you’re doing an excellent job. It’s no wonder you keep asking the same question over and over again.