Sony - What were you thinking?

I was very excited upon hearing about Sony's new Hi-Rez players especially that they "convert all formats to DSD".
Unfortunately, they don't accept analog input from, say, vinyl!
This is so unwise and a show-stopper for me.
It would be so cool to have a one box solution to digitize my collection of vinyl and tapes.
Now P.S. Audio has something that looks interesting...
Dweller, My guess is that Sony miscalculated how many of us feel as you do. I don't have time to mess with building a computer system now. If I could use the HapZ1 in conjunction with a CD player, I would go ahead and get one. As it is, I already have an extensive music collection, and the HI res download market is immature and expensive. Do the math again sony!
+ Elizabeth

However, some of the other criticisms here strike me as being a bit overblown. For one thing, I don’t get the big deal about not having a digital output. With this product I don’t think Sony is trying to target people with superior standalone DACs. Why would anyone who doesn’t want to use the HAP-Z1’s built-in DAC buy this product? It makes no sense to me to spend $2000 if all you are looking to get out of it is a single terabyte of storage in a well-built chassis along with some player software.

I also don’t see the argument that Sony dropped the ball by not building in the capability to digitize vinyl and tapes. The HAP-Z1 is a $2000 product. The NuWave Phono Converter -- which digitizes vinyl and tapes -- is a $1900 product. If Sony had included the ability to digitize vinyl in its product, then the HAP-Z1 would be a lot more than $2000. To put it another way, I don’t think this criticism makes any more sense than it would to hammer PS Audio for not including in its NuWave Phono Converter the storage/server/DAC/digital player capabilities of the Sony.

As for the claim of “failed r&d efforts as evidenced in the new hi-res line,” I think it’s still too early to tell. The HAP-Z1 has only been out for six weeks, and reviews have only started appearing in the last two. What little feedback I’ve seen so far from actual users is mixed at best. But although I think the jury’s still out on the success or failure of Sony’s “r&d” in hi-res, I think there is no question whatsoever that Sony's hi-res product launch has been and continues to be a marketing failure extraordinaire. The decision noted by Airegin to make the HAP-Z1 available in silver only is but one example of that failure.