Soundsmith Straingauge SG-200 cartridge system

Hi everyone, haven't heard much discussion of this one in a while. I'm just starting to run a direct rim drive Trans Fi Salvation tt sporting a Trans Fi Terminator air bearing linear tracking arm. It's a total game changer imho, but I fear the Zu modded Denon 103 cart on it, excellent as it is, may have performance bettered by something more SOTA. I'm looking for something to match the tt/arm's neutrality, solidity and eveness, and am drawn to the Straingauge. Reviews praise it's speed and naturalness, but some comments are more guarded commenting on tonal thinness, edginess and overanalytic quality.
If it helps I hate over sharp carts like Lyra Skala, are more comfortable with neutral carts like the Transfiguration Orpheus, and feel the humble Zu 103 is a giant killer in the rhythmn/timing/involvment stakes.
So comments please from those who have experience of the Straingauge, thank you.
...the comments about lack of harmonics implies technical inaccuracy in so far as tracing what is in the groove.
That cannot be inferred from my comments and it's demonstrably untrue: a cartridge is involved in more than just groove-tracing. Distortions and information loss occur everywhere in the signal path. For example, the strain gauge itself affects the signal (as do the armatures in magnetic cartridges of course). All non-linearities impact signal accuracy - even if the stylus has traced the groove perfectly.

I've no idea what listening biases some equipment reviewer may have but they're of no relevance to me. It's true that audio memories are long and ours are indeed biased - but our biases do not arise from listening to stereo equipment. That's a game for audio hobbyists, not music lovers. Our biases arise from four decades of intent, active listening to live, unamplified instruments and vocals at thousands of performances, in venues large and intimate, here and abroad.

Every stereo we've heard, including our own, falls miserably short of reproducing such music accurately. The SG (the one time we heard it) happened to fall short in the ways I described. Other components fall short in other ways. Each component must be auditioned by a potential buyer to determine whether he/she can tolerate, accept or perhaps even enjoy its particular shortcomings.

Perfect reproduction does not exist, never will. But criticisms from those with good ears and good intentions may be opportunities to improve if taken in the spirit offered. We have found it so, for our system...
Dear Dover: The SG comes with its dedicated PS you can't use it in other one.

Regards and enjoy the music,
The strain gauge is a system, cartridge and phono stage. There is no using anything else, which is why it is so very important to try before you buy.
Well, the Straingauge DEFINITELY deserves an audition if it can create this level of argument amongst audiophiles. Very much hoping it provides a 'cat amongst the pigeons' moment.
My new tt/arm is proving to be such a neutral, detailed, dynamic performer that I very much hope this cart is a match for it. Just about to send my Zu 103 and Transfiguration Orpheus carts for retipping/upgraded cantilevers, and am itching to do a 3 way audition with the Straingauge in the Autumn. I'll keep you all posted.
There is an interesting and recurring theme here - the question of accuracy to the recording vs verisimilitude to live music.
In theory the first should get you closer to the second - but given the vagaries of the recording process that may not necessarily be the case.

One things for sure, Peter Ledermann is one of the standout players in the industry. He appears to me to be passionate about music and its reproduction and disinterested in the profiteering that is riot in the high end. Keep up the good work Peter!