Speaker Cable Recommendation

I'm wondering if someone could recommend a pair of speaker cables.  I have looked at Nordost entry level, but they may be too thin for my system. Looking for cables that may add some "weight" to the following system.

Decware 300b tube amp (8watts),  Klipsch Forte IV,   Holo May Dac, PS Audio BHK Pre with 12AU7 input tubes. My room is 20X12, not treated, vaulted ceiling, fair amount of glass. Not a great room :) In the $1,000.00 range

Thanks, Mark

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Thank you for the recommendations, I ended up with a pair of Art Audio Cables, AAC Statement e SC Cryo Speaker Cable, 15' . Had them build with white jacket to keep my wife happy.

Should be seeing them this week.


FYI, the Art cables are Neotech NES 3004 mk II cables with Furutech connectors, techflex and cryoed.  If you bought the pieces separate and assembled it yourself and sent it off to be cryoed....would cost you about half.  If you use Mundorf super low mass bananas....very cheap....then it would cost much less again.

Thank you for all your comments and advice. This forum is an amazing source when researching equipment. I understand that cables can be a contentious subject. I do take the majority of suggestions, and comments into account when researching. I do however treat audio as a hobby, and not a practical endeavor, so comparing higher priced gear with lower, SET vs high watt amps, Speaker DB's, Vinyl vs DAC, it's interesting. Sitting here on a rainy New England day, with my wife out of town, I have the living room filled with speakers, amps, cables, experimenting with sound in my not so perfect room.

     Right now I am listening to a Chinese DAC, Decware 7 watt tube amp, feeding 6ohm, 88db Electa Amator speakers with cheapo 16/2 cables.... odd combo...sounds great!