Speaker Dimple

One of my soft dome tweeters has a dimple in it, doesn't really effect the sound as fas as I can tell, but still I wonder if there is a safe way to pop the dimple out?
The biggest problem with the dimples is that they affect dispersion and subsequently imaging.

If you listen to a single speaker at once, you may not be able to detect any difference- as the actual driver is behind the dome. However, if you listen in stereo you will find things to sound erratic and imaging to suffer.

Good luck
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The purpose of the dome is dispersion.

It is very possible that your defect is inaudible.
I just used the vacuum method on a pair of Totem Mites I picked up in a thrift store for $35.00. I put two fingers in front of the hose to prevent a perfect seal should the nozzle come in contact with the dimple. Worked perfectly and after running them in for a while any sign of a crease was gone.
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