Speaker imaging

Considering my speakers definitely image better when I am not wearing my glasses leads me to conclude imaging ain't really real but relies on the power of suggestion. Sort of like some folks who prefer to listen with the lights off. Any comments?
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Maybe I need to clarify. My speakers do disappear and some things are more to the right and other more to the left and other things are dead center. But I usually so not perceive a stage wider that the separation between my speakers unless I'm not wearing my glasses or unless I fool around with an old Shure test record with material deliberately recorded out of phase. What I'm saying is that if I can clearly see my speakers the soundstage is no wider than my speaker set up
Eyeglasses lenses reflect and diffract higher frequency sounds into your ears, a form of noise that overrides much information, including some soundstage-width information.

Listen to a recording with horns and one with tambourines with and without glasses. Also, the esses and Tees of the female voice are affected by glasses.

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It's quite simple really... your brain has an easier time seeing and hearing things that don't actually exist when there are fewer cues in the environment that suggest the hallucination isn't real. Reduce those cues (by removing light, taking off glasses, closing your eyes, etc.) and you will get a more "intense" image.