Speaker recommendations specifically for Lamm ML2

I'm interested in hearing about speaker experiences for anyone who has the Lamm ML2/ML2.1 amps. I am working with a small room 12' x 12' of floor space dedicated for listening.

Any suggestions or experience with this kind of setup?
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Hi Jim,

In a bigger room, the Avantgarde Trios are a perfect match for the Lamm ML2. Perhaps the Avantgarde Uno or the Duo would be appropriate for your room size. Good luck!
I have a small room too, requiring nearfield listening. Whatever you get, as you know, your room acoustics will impact sound & imaging profoundly. Be sure to audition them at home first or buy with a 30 or 45 day return.

I decided to buy Ridge Street Audio Design Sason Ltd speakers. I'm still breaking them in- they take a while- but they sound phenomenally better than my Focus Audio fs688's and original Avalon Monitors (not the mixing monitors, the wood ones.) The Sason's have been compared by others to far more expensive & exotic speakers as well. Steve mentioned to me that he has a number of SET clients, so I assume your ML2 would mate well. As a side-note, the cabinets are 1.25" granite, which make them stable, vibration-free & visually stunning. Website- http://home.comcast.net/~rothakoustic/SasonLtd2005.html

There are many reviews on these SOTA speakers from 'zines to private listeners. They're built by hand & Steve is open to working closely with buyers on unique environments & situations. If you live near LaPorte Indiana, Steve & Robert are open to having you evaluate them at their home. If you live further, many of their customers are willing to let you listen to their systems.

Note I am in no way connected to RSAD either than as a customer. Good luck with your search & enjoy the process.
I am using Reimer Tetons on my ML2's but in a much larger room. In a smaller room I would lean towards a 2-way speaker. Of course there are many out there such as the Kharma mentioned above. I am personally intrigued by the Audio Note speakers which look like they would work very well in a room your size.