Speaker Stand Height for Focal Chorus 706V

I would be grateful for recommendations about what speaker stand height would be best for Focal Chorus 706V. The Focal stands are 24 inches for both the 705V and 706V. Does anyone have a different recommendation? Thanks very much.
The rule of thumb is that the tweeters should be approx. ear height when you are seated in your usual listening position. Then you can experiment w tilting them forward or backward a little bit for best balance between woofer and tweeter.
I got my father-in-law a pair of the 706v speakers with Focal stands. They sound pretty good at that hight and it was likely an intentional choice by Focal to make them that height.

My 836v speaker sit much taller and also have a great tweeter sound so I'm not sure that it's really critical beyond personal preference.

For comparison:

714v is 35-7/16" tall
716v is 37-3/8" tall
726v is 39" tall
836v is 45-3/16 tall (the tallest Chorus series speaker)

705v is 36-3/8" tall including 24" stands
706v is 39-3/8" tall including 24" stands

The tweeters are all mounted the same and should be equal distance from the top. There is certainly a range of tweeter heights within the Chorus series speakers. It seems that if the tweeter height was extremely critical they would consider making as many of the speaker have a tweeter at the same height as possible.