Standalone Room Correction Component

What are the current room correction components out there that only correct for room effects. No cost limitations, through cheaper is always better. I know there are some out there specific for subwoofers but I was looking for one that controls full range with delays, etc. for a 2ch to 7.1ch setup. Auto correction as well as manual correction would be a plus. Thanks.
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I have a McIntosh MEN220. In my listening room it made a very nice difference. It gave more depth and better instrument placement. In the bypass mode music sounds very good. Placed in focus mode things seem to come into place.
I prefer the focused mode from my listening chair. The thing I notice in global is the soundstage becomes much wider but as expected not as focused. This is good if you have others listening who are not in the sweet spot. The EQ has several different preset positions McIntosh refers to as voicing. Depending on the music and your personal preference it can tame some music that may be bass heavy or treble edgy.
The nice thing is you can bounce between bypass, focus or global and choose what you think sounds best. Same applies to the preset EQ positions.
The MEN220 also has a built in crossover which I use to drive a solid state amp for my bass drivers and a tube amp for my mids and highs. It gives you the control to set the gain on your amps.
This is an expensive purchase so I'd recommend an audition and decide for yourself.