Starting computer audio

Have ThetaDigital ProBasic IIIA dac. What would sound best (have less jitter?), driving the dac with a Sonos Connect or connecting the PC to the dac with a Bel Canto Link usb-to-s/pdif converter, which reclocks the stream. Both are the same price. I do not need multi-room capability, but the Sonos offers convenience and control.

I too am starting out in computer audio and recently picked up the Bel Canto USB Link to feed my Heed Dactilus (SPDIF input only). I admit that I’m no expert in this area, but I’d be willing to bet the Bel Canto route would produce less jitter and provide better sound quality over the Sonos Connect. There are some incredibly knowledgeable folks on Agon and am sure that they’ll be able to provide you some solid advice. Also, you might try posting this question on the Computer Audiophile website as that’s where I was able to find some helpful information on the Bel Canto piece. Best of luck ;)
The digital out from a Squeezebox Touch has very respectable jitter, Orr lack thereof. No idea how it compares to your own suggestions but it does have a convenient interface and might be a worthy addition to your queries.
Thanks to you both. Tough call - the convenience of Sonos or Squeezebox vs the inconvenience of running and hiding the cable, but the advantage of reclocking with the Bel Canto. Is a puzzlement...Anyone else?
Bummer! Just realized that Sonos Connect requires an ethernet connection, so cabling is also an issue there. Squeezebox plugs into AC outlet and can be strictly WiFi. Sonos out - Squeezebox now the other option.